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Recycling bins.

What is Recycle4life?

Recycle4life is a programme aimed at raising recycling levels in the household. Recycling is vitally important to reduce costs and allow us to spend more on essential council services.

We're committed to making sure residents have complete access to all the information they need on recycling, and to encouraging everyone to play their part in cleaning up the borough.

Recycle4life runs alongside the Recycle4schools programme which aims to teach year 5 schoolchildren how to recycle right. Participating schools can even win cash prizes.

Know your recycling bins

Read our handy guide on what items to put in which bin and find answers to the most frequently asked questions on waste disposal and recycling.

Which bin to use

Use your local recycling sites

​​​Find your nearest waste and recycling sites​ or go to the ​Recycle ​​​for Greater Manchester​ website ​for information about what you can ​​recycle in your bins.​

Waste and recycling sites in Rochdale borough

Recycle for Greater Manchester website

What happens to your recycling

Items you send for recycling can be reused or repurposed. Select an item to find out what happens to the recycling you take to any of the waste and recycling sites across Greater Manchester.

Find out what happens to your recycling

How much we recycle in the borough of Rochdale

We compare our figures for kerbside recycling month-by-month for this year against the previous year.

Discover our borough's recycling rates

Our recycling achievements

Our commitment to recycling and keeping the borough of Rochdale clean has seen us win a number of national awards. These include:

Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee (LARAC). Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee (LARAC) 2016 Celebration Awards

We won Best Communications Campaign of the year for our Recycling Saves Money campaign. We were also runners up in the Team of the Year category for our team of Recycling and Participation Officers, as well as for Recycling Officer of the Year.

Visit the LARAC website


MRW National Recycling Awards 2016 winner. Materials Recycling World (MRW) National Recycling Awards 2016

In this year we won 2 awards: 

  • The Food Waste Initiative Award for innovation and creativity in tackling food waste.
  • The Communications Award for taking a fresh approach to delivering key communication initiatives.
Visit the MRW National Recycling Awards website


MRW national recycling awards 2014 winner. Materials Recycling World (MRW) National Recycling Awards 2014

In 2014 we won the Local Authority Innovation award for the Right Stuff Right Bin communications campaign.

Visit the MRW National Recycling Awards website

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