Putting your bins out for collection

Enter your postcode in the bin collection calendar to find out when your bins will be collected.

Bin collection calendar

When you need to put your bin out

You must put your bins out before 7am on your collection day.

If your bins are not available for collection when we visit your property, we will not return until your next scheduled collection date.

Where to place your bin for collection

On your collection day, you should:

  1. Make sure your bin lid is down and that all the waste is inside the bin, otherwise we can't collect it. 
  2. Wheel your bins to the collection point with the handle facing the road. For most properties, the collection point for your bins is on the pavement next to the kerb. Some properties will have communal collection points for example; flats, cul-de-sacs, back-to-back terraces or town houses. If you don't know where your collection point is, please get in touch using the contact details on this page.
  3. Position your bins so they don't obstruct the road or the highway.
  4. Remember to collect them from the same place after they've been emptied to reduce the chances of malicious fires or them being stolen. We recommend you number your bins with your house number to reduce the chances of them going missing

What goes in each bin

Each of your household bins is for different types of times. Please help by making sure you're getting it right - your efforts make a huge difference.

What items you can put in each bin

Get help with putting your bin out

We can offer you help with moving your bins to your designated collection point if you meet certain conditions.

Request an assisted bin collection

Tell us your bin was not collected

There can be a number of reasons why your bin wasn't emptied. These can include blocked access, vehicle breakdown, adverse weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

You'll need to meet certain criteria for us to return to collect your bin.

Read the missed bin criteria and report a missed bin collection

Get a new bin

If your bin is damaged or has gone missing, you can request a new bin from us. You can also request an additional or larger bin, depending on the size of your household.

Get a new bin or check your entitlement