Food waste collections

Free compostable bags

To help you recycle your food waste, we provide compostable bags for your kitchen food waste bin for free. You should only use the free compostable bags we provide for your kitchen food waste bin, unless you don't wish to use any bags at all.

Do not use plastic bags, not even degradable or biodegradable ones, as they don't compost.

How to get more free compostable bags for food waste

  1. Use the yellow tag: you'll need to already have a roll of compostable bags from us to use this option.

    • When you get to the end of the roll, you'll see a yellow tag.
    • Tie the yellow tag to your brown bin or street caddy.
    • Our collection crew will then leave you a new roll of compostable bags on your next bin collection day.
  2. Collect a roll in person: if you've never received a roll of compostable bags from us or if you've lost your yellow tag or need more bags before your next collection date, you can collect more compostable bags in person from your local library. 

  3. Request more bags online: if the above options aren't available then you can request caddy liners online.