Report problems

  • A pothole in a road marked for repair.

    Report road problems

    Tell us about problems such as abandoned vehicles, potholes, gully problems, street light problems and more.

  • A fallen tree blocking a road.

    Report tree problems

    View our tree care and management schedule for trees in the borough and how you can report tree problems.

Supporting your health and wellbeing

  • side view of a cardboard house with windows and pile of coins

    Money, debt and benefits advice

    If you've got debt, money or work worries, it's important you and your family access the right support at the right time. View advice and links to organisations that may be able to help you.

  • Hands holding a paper cutout of a family.

    Early Help support for families

    Your family can get help with a variety of issues you may need support for.

  • 2 illustrated figures discussing mental health.

    Mental health support

    1 in 4 of us have problems with our mental wellbeing at some time in our lives. View some useful information or get practical support to help you or someone in your life.

Decision making

  • cartoon image of people with a giant filing system

    Policies, strategies and reviews

    We use policy and strategy documents to guide our decisions. We also use them to develop and run our services fairly and consistently.

  • Councillor's committees

    Councillors and committees

    Councillors are responsible for agreeing provision of services and how the council's money is spent.