Get a new bin or check your entitlement

What bins you should have

If you live in Rochdale borough, you should have the following bins:

  • Rubbish bin for general waste - dark green
  • Recycle bin for cans, plastic and glass bottles - green bin with blue lid
  • Recycle bin for paper and cardboard - blue bin
  • Recycle bin for food and garden waste - brown bin
  • Food waste - brown bin or brown street caddy
  • Kitchen food waste - silver kitchen caddy
The 4 types of bins you should have, general waste, cans and bottles, paper and food or garden waste.

All households in Rochdale borough should have 4 bins for different types of items.

Number of bins you should have

The number of residents in your property will determine the size and number of the bins you're entitled to.

  • 1–5 residents: one 240-litre bin (standard size)
  • 6–9 residents: one 240-litre bin (standard size) and one 140-litre bin (small size bin)
  • 10 or more residents: two 240-litre bins (standard size bins)

Exceptions to standard bin entitlement

There are some exceptions to the standard bin entitlement:

  • You can choose to have a brown street caddy or a brown bin for your food waste. A brown street caddy is suitable for households where there are only 1 or 2 people living there or houses without a garden.
  • 1 bedroom and studio flats are supplied with a 140-litre dark green rubbish bin, but we can consider a 240-litre bin if required.
  • Properties with larger families and sheltered accommodation are considered on an individual basis.
  • If you have additional requirements for medical waste or a large number of small children, we will consider your request for an additional dark green general waste bin on an individual basis, for a fixed term, which we'll review regularly.