Recycling target and recycling rates

Our recycling target is to reach an average kerbside recycling rate of 54 per cent.

Thank you to everyone for helping us recycle even more. Our recycling service has helped us maintain a high recycling rate across the borough of Rochdale. More recycling means we spend less on waste disposal, helping us to protect other essential services.

Recycling rates

The waste the council collects is used to calculate our recycling rates as shown in the table below. This waste is from households, including kerbside collections from wheeled bins and bulky waste, plus waste we're responsible for such as litter, street sweepings and fly-tipping.

The information is published at least 3 months in arrears to allow us to get all the relevant data. 

Period 2023 recycling rate 2022 recycling rate 2021 recycling rate
January–March 43.3 per cent 47 per cent 43.6 per cent
April–June 50.3 per cent 49.8 per cent 50.6 per cent
July–September Not yet available 48.5 per cent 54.6 per cent
October–December Not yet available 46.2 per cent 49.6 per cent

Compare recycling rates between local authorities

Information on waste collection and processing is entered on WasteDataFlow. Once verified by the WasteDataFlow team and the Environment Agency, the data can be viewed by the public. You'll need to register before viewing the information.

Register for public access to WasteDataFlow to compare recycling rates