Changes to bin collections

Unplanned or missed bin collection changes

There may be unplanned changes we need to make to our bin collection schedule. For example, we may not be able to empty bins if there is a blocked lane or we have vehicle breakdowns.

You can get the latest updates on our social media channels:

Planned bin collection changes

We may make planned changes to our bin collection schedule, for example, over the Christmas and New Year period.

Scheduled changes to our bin collection service are listed below.

  • There are currently no planned changes to our scheduled bin collection service, other than those planned over the Christmas and New Year period. Missed bin collections are promoted on our social media channels. 

Bank holiday, Easter, Christmas and New Year bin collection changes

Your bins will be collected on the same day as usual over bank holidays including Easter and Good Friday.

There may be changes to bin collections over Christmas and New Year.

Bin collection changes due to severe weather

We'll always do our best to collect your waste. During severe weather conditions, it will sometimes take us longer than usual.

Our website has information about what you should do if your bin hasn't been collected due to severe weather, why we may have stopped collecting bins, how you can help with bin collections in severe weather and more.