Health and wellbeing

Get vaccinated

  • A patient receiving a vaccination.

    COVID-19 vaccinations

    Find out when to get your next COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Measles rash on a child's arm.


    Who can get the vaccine, where to get vaccinated against measles and more.

  • A patient receive a flu vaccination.

    Flu vaccinations

    Find out who's eligible for a flu jab, how to book one, and more.

Stay well whatever the weather

  • Trees in hot weather.

    Stay safe in hot weather

    Hot weather can cause some people to become unwell through overheating, dehydration, heat exhaustion and heatstroke. View our tips on staying safe in hot weather.

  • Man wearing blanket sitting next to radiator.

    Stay warm in cold weather

    Being cold isn't just uncomfortable, it can also be very bad for your health, especially if you have a pre-existing health condition. View our tips on staying warm in cold weather.

  • A smiling barista handing a hot drink to a customer.

    Warm Welcome Spaces

    Warm Welcome Spaces in the borough of Rochdale are places where people can gather for free in a warm, safe, welcoming place.

Help and support

  • A purple ribbon next to a note reading, Stop violence.

    Help with domestic violence and abuse

    We offer advice, information and services for victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse.

  • close up of piles of coins and a cutout of a house

    Council Tax discounts

    Discounts are available for certain disabled people, carers and people permanently living in a hospital or care home.

  • Wooden blocks spelling out GRANTS.


    Grants are available to help you pay for adaptions to your home or attend education or training.

  • Sign post with Help, Support and Advice on it

    Social prescribing - get support and help in your community

    Social prescribing is a way for you to get help and support from organisations in your area.

  • Used cigarettes in a full ashtray.

    Stop smoking

    Every cigarette you smoke causes real harm. Second-hand smoke can also be dangerous to your family and friends. So why not consider giving up smoking?

  • 5 empty brown beer bottles.

    Drug and alcohol help

    There's lots of help available in the borough for drug and alcohol users. There's also support for their families, loved ones and friends.

Health and adult social care services

  • Hands holding a paper cutout of a family.

    Health and family services

    Our Rochdale lists health, social care, childcare and family services in the borough of Rochdale.

  • A person comforting someone by holding their hand.

    Adult social care

    Information on care homes, safeguarding adults at risk, services for disabled people and more.

Children and families

Decision making

  • cartoon image of people with a giant filing system

    Policies, strategies and reviews

    We use policy and strategy documents to guide our decisions. We also use them to develop and run our services fairly and consistently.

  • Councillor's committees

    Councillors and committees

    Councillors are responsible for agreeing provision of services and how the council's money is spent.