Drug and alcohol help

Support available

There's lots of help available in the Rochdale borough for drug and alcohol users.

There's also plenty of support for families, loved ones and friends who are worried about someone's substance misuse.

  • Turning Point - free specialist treatment, information and support for adults who have a substance use problem.
  • Early Break for under 21s and families – free specialist treatment, information and support for young people under 21 and families where a parent has a substance use problem.
  • High Level Northern Trust  - a safe space for anyone in recovery from any form of addictive behaviour. High Level Northern Trust also supports family and friends who may be worried about the drug and alcohol use of others.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous – find a meeting or call their helpline to get help with alcohol over the phone.
  • Narcotics Anonymous – find a meeting for support with drug addiction.
  • Talk to Frank – drug support for young people including a drugs A–Z, live chat and helpline.
  • List of local drug addiction services – see where you can get help with drug addiction.