Tree problems and management

Report a tree problem

If you've noticed a problem with an area where we manage trees, you can report this to us using the following links.

  • If a tree is fallen or is likely to cause a hazard, please ring us using the contact details on this page. During out-of-office hours please ring the Police non-emergency number on 101 or our council emergency number.
  • If a tree is blocking a street light, report a street light problem.
  • If a tree makes a pavement or road surface uneven, report damage to footways, pavements and kerbs.
  • If a tree is causing any other problem in an area where we manage trees, including trees or branches overhanging or blocking the pavement, use the contact details on this page to get in touch. 

Trees we're responsible for

We're responsible for managing trees on all council-owned land, which includes:

  • Roads and verges
  • Parks and open spaces
  • Town centres
  • Memorial gardens
  • Cemeteries
  • Sports pitches

Trees we're not responsible for

We do not manage trees:

  • On land that's privately owned. You will need to contact the landowner.
  • Where there is Japanese knotweed on private land. You must prevent this from spreading into the wild - how to identify, prevent the spread and dispose of Japanese knotweed
  • On properties owned by any other housing association or landlord. You should also speak to them directly if you've got a question about trees. View contact details for housing associations in the borough
  • Touching overhead wires. If you've seen a tree that's touching or damaging overhead wires, contact BT Openreach
  • That are only causing problems with any of the following:
    • TV reception
    • Solar panels
    • Blocking sunlight
    • Dropping honeydew or leaves onto cars or property
  • Where birds are nesting, it's against the law to intentionally injure or kill a wild bird or damage its active nests. You can report any issues with trees that have birds nesting in them to the Wildlife Crimes Officer for your area by calling 101.

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