Homelessness and prevention

Homelessness services under new management

All homelessness services are now being provided by Rochdale Borough Council.

The Homeless Team, Leopold Court and Great Howarth Hostels are also under the management of the council.

Refer yourself or a homeless person

Find out how to speak to a member of our team to get advice for yourself or refer a homeless person or family.

Support for people at risk of homelessness

We offer information and advice for people who might need further support with housing and homelessness.

How can I help homeless people in Rochdale borough?

If you'd like to help people you see living on the streets, we recommend giving to local charity campaign Real Change Rochdale.

Real Change Rochdale has been set up to raise funds to directly support people in the local area experiencing homelessness.

It uses the funds generated to pay for practical items which directly help people to move off the streets or avoid homelessness, like:

  • A deposit for a home.
  • Rent.
  • Essential household items.
  • A training course.
  • Shoes or clothes for a job interview.

Donate and make a Real Change in Rochdale or apply for funds