Power cuts

Could you cope with a power cut?

You can sign up for the Electricity North West free extra care register for them to help you keep safe and comfortable until the power is back on. This is designed for people with particular needs for example medical equipment, older people, and young children.

Check for live power cut information

Electricity North West is responsible for maintaining the electricity network and restoring the supply as quickly as possible should a fault occur.

Tips to prepare for a power cut

To help you prepare for a power cut Electricity North West gives some top tips if a family member has a serious health problem.

Report a power cut

In case of a power cut anywhere in the borough of Rochdale, you’ll need to contact Electricity North West on 0800 195 4141 or call the national power cut operator on 105. It’s free to call from a mobile or a landline and they’re available 24/7.