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Access grants and loans

Find out what grants and loans are available for new businesses.


Business advice and support

Find information and advice to support new and established businesses.


Economic support

The council’s Corporate Performance and Projects Team collect, research, collate and publish details of a wide range of information covering aspects of the areas economy.


Recruitment services

We're looking for companies that have a job vacancy suitable for someone with A-Levels capable of degree level learning. A limited amount of grants are available to help with wage and training costs if you take on and support an apprentice.


Relocate to Rochdale

See what's available and how your business can benefit by moving to the borough.


Voluntary sector peer report

A scheme that provides an opportunity to network, improve skills and enable information and expertise to be shared across the sector.


Wellbeing at work

Lots of resources for employers - how and why to build a healthy workplace.


Advertising with us

Find out how to advertise with us. What better location to promote your business and service.  


Filming opportunities

Rochdale Town Hall makes a stunning location for both film and photographic shoots.


A place to live, work and invest. Rochdale is the perfect location for today’s successful and ambitious business. Investors can expect to benefit from positive recruitment, great location, extensive support services and a good return on their investment.

Visit the Rochdale Development Agency website


Looking to grow your business? The Business Growth Hub work with ambitious businesses that want to grow their bottom line, share their experiences, boost their profile, find partners and create new business growth.

Grow Your Business

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