Blue and purple plaques

Blue plaques celebrate famous people, places and historic events in the borough of Rochdale.

Purple plaques in Rochdale borough celebrate Dame Gracie Fields and mark places of significance in her life.

Find blue and purple plaques

There are many blue and purple plaques in Rochdale borough.

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Walking trails

There are 2 walks you can do which cover the blue and purple plaques around Rochdale:

  • Blue plaque walk around Rochdale town centre - this walk will take you on a journey to discover the rich cultural history of Rochdale town centre. From the Old Duke of Wellington Hotel to the Gothic marvel of the Town Hall, you'll get a chance to discover the rich history and influential people behind Rochdale.
  • Purple plaque walk - this walk will take you around Rochdale and allows you to visit every one of the purple plaques to learn more about the life of Dame Gracie Fields.

Walk details and maps