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Voting - frequently asked questions

How to vote

How can I vote? There are 3 ways you can vote and you should pick the one that works best for you.

Voting at a polling station - before an election you'll be posted a poll card. Your poll card will tell you where your polling station is. Your local polling station is where you can vote in person. Polling stations are often at churches, community centres and schools. However they can be in all sorts of places.

Voting by post - if you want to vote by post you will need to complete the relevant form and send it back to us. Before elections, you will receive a ballot paper in the post.

Voting by proxy - voting by proxy means choosing someone else to vote for you. You need to fill in a new form to choose who will vote for you. This person can visit a polling station or apply for a postal vote so they can vote on your behalf.

​​​​​Registering to vote

I've missed the registration date, can I still vote? Yes, you can if you are already registered at your old address in another ward. You can only vote at the Polling Station within that ward.

Ballot packs and poll cards

I've lost my poll card, what should I do? You can still vote. The poll card is just information for you. Go to your polling station and give your name and address to the polling station staff. You will then be able to vote.

Where do I vote? Your polling station is written on your poll card, if you don't have this contact us using the details on this page.

I'm disabled and cannot post my vote, what should I do? Contact us using the details on this page and we'll arrange for someone to collect your vote.


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