Postal voting

Apply to vote by post

Latest updates to voting by post

  • To apply to vote by post for the elections on Thursday, 4 May 2023 you'll need to complete a postal vote application form and make sure we receive this by 5pm on Tuesday, 18 April 2023.
  • If you can't post your postal vote pack in time, you can take it to your polling station or bring it to our main council offices at Number One Riverside, Smith Street, Rochdale OL16 1XU.
  • If you intend to vote using a postal vote, you do not need to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate – identification is only required if you intend to vote in person at a polling station.
  • If you are registered as a postal voter and wish instead to vote in person, you will need to cancel your postal vote before you can vote in person at a polling station.

You've got the option to vote by post, rather than visiting a polling station.

Complete and sign the postal vote application form to apply. Please make sure you include your date of birth. We use this information to combat fraud.

You can return your completed application form:

Find out how we use your personal information in our privacy notice.

Apply to vote by post

Who can vote by post?

Anyone who is registered to vote can apply to vote by post. 

How to register to vote

When to apply?

You can apply for a postal vote any time throughout the year or no later than 11 working days before polling day.

We strongly advise you to apply early - don't wait until an election day is set. 

If you move house, you must tell us immediately or you may lose your postal vote.