Register to vote

About registering to vote

It only takes 5 minutes to register to vote. You need to register before you can vote in an election.

Voting is one of the best ways for people to have their voice heard by people in power. 

Why should I register to vote?

It's a good idea to register to vote because:

  • You have to be on the closed electoral register by law.
  • You can only vote in an election if you're registered. 
  • It increases your credit score. If you aren't listed you may have difficulty applying for a loan, credit card, mortgage, or in opening a bank account.

Under certain circumstances, you can register anonymously but will have to follow legal procedures to do so.

What will happen if I don't register?

If we've invited you to register to vote it's important that you respond. If you don’t, we'll send you reminders through the post and someone may visit your home.

At the end of this process, we may send you a requirement to register. If you fail to do so without providing an adequate reason why you haven't, you may be fined £80. Not being registered can also impact applications for mortgages or mobile phones, since credit reference agencies use the register to validate applications.