Annual canvass - keeping the electoral register up-to-date

About the annual canvass

The annual canvass is a review of the electoral register. We undertake this review between July and November every year to make sure our electoral register is up-to-date.

You're required by law to be included on the electoral register and provide information when requested.

The revised electoral register

A revised electoral register will be published on 1 December. It will be used for any elections held during this year, which might include an election for a mayor, a general election, a local election or a by-election called with just 5 weeks' notice. 

Why you should be on the register

You won't be able to vote in an election unless your name appears on the electoral register.

If you're not on the register, you may also find it difficult when applying for mortgages, loans or credit as credit reference agencies use the register to check the addresses of applicants. Being on the Council Tax register does not automatically mean you're on the register of electors.​

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