Our Place fostering

Become an Our Place foster carer

Our Place foster carers:

  • Look after a young person who needs a family
  • Support the young person to return to living in a family home, rather than a residential home
  • Build a relationship with the young person
  • Always be there for the young person when they need some extra support 

You'll have a full-time contract. When you don't have a placement, you'll work in other areas in the Our Place Hub. This means you can start to build a relationship with a child or young person who may eventually live with you. 

Skills and interests you'll need

To be an Our Place foster carer, you need to:

  • Be passionate and committed to improving the opportunities and life skills of young people.
  • Be open to support from our specialist workers.
  • Have a caring attitude that is child-centred.
  • Support us with helping young people become confident and resilient adults with a place to belong.
  • Offer a structured life for a young person and maintain this, providing them with a stable home.
  • Have patience, perspective, empathy and flexibility.
  • Ideally, have experience working with children or young people who have experienced trauma and exhibited challenging behaviour.

You'll also need a spare bedroom and be available to care for the young person full-time.

Placements, support and payments

Placement types depend on the child's individual circumstances and care plan.

A child could be placed with you on a short-term or medium-term basis or for respite.

You'll receive support, ongoing training and financial payment as an Our Place foster carer.

How to become an Our Place foster carer

If you're interested in becoming an Our Place foster carer, please take your first step and enquire today.

Our team are waiting to speak to you.

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