Support and training for foster carers

A smiling young girl.
We have an excellent support system for our foster carers to ensure you can get all the help, training and advice when you need it.

​​​​​Although fostering is very rewarding, there’ll be times when you find the role challenging and you may face difficult and upsetting circumstances.

Don’t worry - you won't be on your own. We'll be with you every step of the way.

What help you'll get

Here's some of the help and support our foster carers receive from us.

  • Regular training opportunities including our excellent 'Skills to Foster' training where you meet other new foster carers.
  • New foster carers remain with their assessing social worker for the first 12 months, at least.
  • A buddy system when you get approved as a carer then you can link in with support from an experienced foster carer.
  • A social worker who'll support you throughout your whole fostering career.
  • Support groups with other foster carers, meeting at locations across the borough. We also run support groups and activities for your birth children during some of the school holidays.
  • Access to our employee assistance programme that supports you with counselling if you need it.
  • Plenty of parties and celebration events to recognise the hard work you carry out for the children of Rochdale.
  • Support from child psychologists to help you meet the specific needs of children in your care and support from a specialist nurse who oversees the health needs of our cared for children.
  • Education support through our 'virtual headteacher' who oversees the education of all our cared for children.

What our carers say

A new carer on our July 2020 Skills to Foster training said: 

“What’s really stuck with me with the training tonight is how much support there is for foster carers and how we will be looked after and helped to grow”.

What Ofsted say

Following an inspection in February 2023, Ofsted said:

“Managers within the fostering service have ensured that foster carers’ approvals reflect their skills and abilities. Foster carers benefit from a wide range of training and support groups offered. The provision of targeted therapeutic training is a real strength of the service and contributes to supporting placement stability”.