Real-life foster care stories

Why we wanted to be foster carers

A girl and her mum laughing.
The children that are long term placements have become part of our family.

May 2020

We loved being parents. We decided to have 3 children, if we could have afforded more we would have. We did our best for our children while both having to work full time, me working nights and my husband working days.

Don’t get me wrong, our children weren’t angels, we did have hard times, but we still loved being parents, the good times outweighed the hard times.

When our children grew up and moved on, we were so proud of them all but the house was too big just for us and too quiet. Over the weeks I talked to my husband about fostering but he wasn’t too keen. But, because it was something that I had always wanted to do, he decided we would do the journey together.

We applied for fostering and did the training and then went to panel. We were accepted and waited for our first child to arrive (more nervous than being a parent for the first time).

We have been fostering for about 14 years now and we've had so many children with us we have lost count. We have had mother and baby, long term, short term and emergency placements.

We love looking after the children from when they arrive when they are so afraid, to over the weeks catching their first smile. When they come to you for a cuddle, holding your hand when you go out, watching their confidence grow, helping them with school work and watching them slowly catch up with the rest of the class. Sports day, parents evenings, being so proud of what they have achieved.

"The rewards the children give are everything you could wish for"

Everything that you would do with your own children and more because you have the time. Taking them on an aeroplane for the first time and seeing their faces light up.

The children that are long term placements have become part of our family. Our children and grandchildren accept that one week we are a family 4 and then it might go up to 5 or down to 2.

Not once have we regretted becoming foster carers, my husband says it’s the best choice he has ever made; apart from me and our children. We get more out of this career than any other career we have done in the past, the only regret is we should have done it sooner.

The rewards the children give are everything you could wish for. All I can say is if you have a lot of patience and time to be there for them and are considering fostering as a career then give it a go. Me and my husband have never regretted it. We don’t think we will ever retire as we love being here for the children and we get so much out of it too.