After a flood

Used sandbags

Re-using sandbags

If they haven't been contaminated by floodwater, sandbags can be stored for reuse.

  • Wherever possible, store full bags that have not come into contact with floodwater in a dry shady place to use again.
  • Sacking material is normally biodegradable and will perish if left in place for a long time. It is therefore advisable to empty sacks and keep them dry for re-use and store the sand in your garden or yard for future use.

Getting rid of your used sandbags

Both the used sand and the bags usually retain contaminants such as sewage and oils when they come into contact with floodwater. 

  • Make sure you wear gloves and wash your hands thoroughly after handling.
  • If sandbags have been in contact with floodwater, you can't place them in your household waste. You'll need to take them to the tip. Find your local rubbish tip and recycling centre.
  • If your sandbags haven't been in contact with floodwater, you can put them in your dark green bin.
  • Don't allow children to play with sand or place it in sand pits due to the risk of possible contamination.