After a flood

Cleaning your home after a flood

After all the flood water has subsided, you can:

  • Remove all soft furnishing and fittings that are damaged beyond repair.
  • Wash all hard surfaces with hot soapy water.
  • Food preparation surfaces, such as kitchen worktops, storage cupboards, fridges and freezers should be washed with food-safe disinfectant.
  • Allow areas you've cleaned to dry naturally. This will help to destroy any germs left behind.
  • Leave the heating on, if possible, and open your windows as it will help with the drying process.
  • If you don't feel safe cleaning up alone, you can hire professional cleaners to help.
  • Wash clothes, bedding and toys that have been in contact with floodwater at 60 degrees.
  • Soft fabrics and furnishings that can't fit or can't go in the washing machine need to be professionally cleaned. If it's not possible, you need to throw the items away.
  • View flooding and health advice on GOV.UK