Types of childcare


Playgroups offer free childcare and education for 2-5 year-olds.

Most playgroups are open mornings and afternoons only during term time. However, some do open longer and a few offer full day care.

Search for a local pre-school playgroup - use the search bar to search by postcode

Is a playgroup right for you?

A pre-school playgroup might be for you if:

  • You’d like your child to mix with other children.
  • Your child would like to play with a range of toys.
  • Your hours fit around the opening and closing times.

Ofsted inspections

Ofsted regularly inspects all pre-school playgroups to assess their strengths and highlight areas for improvement.

You can access Ofsted reports for each provider, where available, with each childcare provider listing or search the Ofsted website.

  • Search for a local pre-school playgroup  - you can also view the Ofsted report with each childcare provider listing, where available
  • Go to the Ofsted site - search by name address or Unique Reference Number. Your chosen childcare provider should be able to provide you with the Unique Reference Number (URN).