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Council Tax discounts and exemptions

​​​​​​​​​​​​A full Council Tax bill is based on at least 2 adults, aged 18 or over, living in a home. There are several ways you can get a discount or exemption on your Council Tax.

The level of discount depends on your circumstance, and the circumstances of any adults that live in your home.

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You can apply for a single person discount through MyAccount. Your online customer account is a faster, safer and more flexible way to access council services about you and your household. 

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  1. You'll need to add your Council Tax account to your MyAccount once you've signed in, if not already done so. 
  2. Follow the link to apply for a Council Tax discount.

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  1. Register for a council MyAccount.
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  4. Follow the link to apply for a Council Tax discount.

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To apply for a Council Tax discount or exemption

Use the online form to apply for a Council Tax discount or exemption. When you enter details of all the adults in your home, it will tell you what you can apply for.

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To report a change of circumstance

Don't forget to tell us as soon as possible if your circumstances change. If you're getting a discount or exemption that you either, shouldn't have been given, or are no longer entitled to, you must tell us or you could face a penalty. Email:

Discounts and exemptions available

Here is a list of most groups that are eligible for a Council Tax discount. Each discount is explained along with the evidence that is required as part of your application.

Single person discount

If you're the only adult living in the property, you can claim a single person discount of 25%.

Required: If someone has recently left your home, please give details of their name, forwarding address and the date they left. You can give this when you apply or else send it within 14 days.


Someone enrolled on a full time or qualifying course of education:

  • A full time course of education is one that lasts for at least one academic year. It requires the student to attend their place of study for 24 weeks a year and requires at least 21 hours study per week.
  • A qualifying course of education is one which lasts for at least 3 months and is not a course of higher education. It should require at least 12 hours study per week and the student must be under 20.

Required: A copy of a certificate from the place of study stating that the student is enrolled on a full time course or qualifying course of education.

Foreign language assistant

Classed as a student if registered with the Central Bureau for Educational visits and exchanges, and appointed as a foreign language assistant at a school or other educational institution in Great Britain.

Student nurses

Someone studying for their first inclusion on the Nursing Register, at a college of nursing and midwifery or a college of health.

Required: Signed confirmation from the Registrar of the College/University.

Non-UK spouses or dependants of students from abroad

The husband, wife or dependant of a student who is not a British Citizen and is prevented, by the terms of their leave to enter or remain in the UK, from working or claiming benefits.

Required: Copy of passport page, showing photo and full details, and a copy of visa.


Someone employed to learn a trade, business, profession or vocation. They must be training to gain a qualification from the National Council for Vocational Qualification. They should earn less than £195 (gross) per week, and substantially less than the salary they would be likely to receive if they achieve the qualification.


  • Copy of the apprenticeship agreement or signed copy of an agreement between the apprentice and the employer.
  • Proof of apprenticeship and copies of the last 5 wage slips if paid weekly, or the last 2 if paid monthly.

People who are severely mentally impaired

Someone with a severe impairment of intelligence and social functioning that appears to be permanent. For Council Tax purposes they must also be in receipt of one of the benefits listed on the online application form.

If a person with a severe mental impairment is the sole occupant (of a property that they own or have a tenancy agreement for), they can claim an exemption.

Required: With the person’s approval, please provide their doctor's contact details with your application so that we can get a certificate.

People in detention

Someone detained in a prison, hospital or elsewhere (a police station for example) under a UK Court Order. They should not be detained for non-payment of a fine or Council Tax.

Care workers and carers

Someone providing care or support to another and fulfilling either of these 2 conditions:

Condition 1: The care worker must

  • Provide at least 24 hours care each week
  • Live in the premises provided by their employer
  • Earn less than £44 per week

They must also be employed to provide care by either:

  • A public authority
  • A charitable organisation
  • The person receiving care (but only if they were introduced by one of the above bodies)

Condition 2: The care worker must

  • Live with the person receiving care but should not be the partner of the care recipient or a parent of a care recipient aged under 18
  • Provide at least 35 hours care each week

The person receiving care should be entitled to one of the following benefits:

  • Attendance Allowance (at higher rate)
  • Disability Living Allowance (care component)​
  • Disablement Pension
  • Constant Attendance Allowance
  • Personal Independence Payments

Care leaver discount (from 1 April 2017)

The care leavers discount is for 18, 19 and 20 year-old care leavers living in the Rochdale borough.

Required: you must

  • Have been looked after by the local authority for 13 weeks (since the age of 14)
  • Have been in care on your 16th birthday
  • Live in the Rochdale borough and are responsible for the Council Tax

Foster carer discount (from 1 April 2017)​

Foster carers who are registered with Rochdale Borough Council can apply for a 100% council tax discount. If you're an existing foster carer, you must amend your registration to care for teenagers (aged 13 to 17 inclusive). This discount also applies to foster carers recruited to care for teenagers on or after 1 April 2017.

Required: you must

  • Be looking after children (aged 13 to 17 inclusive)
  • Live in the Rochdale borough

Youth Training trainees

Someone undertaking a training scheme approved for section 28 of the Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992. They must be under 25 years of age.

Required: Signed declaration from the employer.

18 or 19 year olds eligible for child benefit

If child benefit can be claimed for an 18 or 19 year old in a household, that person is not counted for council tax.

Required: Copy of proof of child benefit entitlement.

Armed Forces discount

You can apply for a 100% discount on a property deemed to be your sole or main residence, if you're the sole occupant, a member of the armed forces and your absence is a result of your service.

Required: Letter from the Ministry of Defence confirming you're on active service and how long you'll be away.

Sole occupant permanently living in hospital or a residential care or nursing home

You can claim an exemption if you are the sole occupant of a property and are now a permanent resident of a hospital, or a residential care home or nursing home.

Empty home discount

If your property is empty and unfurnished you may be eligible for a reduction in the Council Tax bill.

For more information see the Council Tax empty property charges policy.

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