How to apply for a school place (in-year)

Step 3: apply for a school place (in-year)

If you want to apply for an in-year place at a school in the borough of Rochdale, you should apply using our online application system. If your chosen school doesn't appear in the online application system, you should apply directly to the school.

Things to remember when applying online

  • Unless you've already registered, you'll need to register for an account.
  • You'll need a valid email address as part of the registration process.
  • Check you've received the confirmation email, this will prove that the application has been received.
  • You can get FREE access to computers and the internet from libraries in Rochdale borough. Computers in the library
  • The benefits of applying online include: you'll receive confirmation of receipt of your application form and the offer will be sent to you by email so you don't need to wait for a letter.

Register for an account and apply for an in-year school place

Applying for more than one child

If you're applying for a place for more than one child, you need to complete separate applications for each child. 

As the number of available places for in-year admissions is very limited, it may not be possible to offer all children a place at the same school.  It might be the case that we can offer one child at your most preferred school and one child at an alternative school or both children can be placed together at the alternative school.

In these cases, you may be contacted by someone in the Admissions Team to discuss this and see what you would prefer.

Where do I submit my application?

When you are applying for a school place in-year at a school in the borough of Rochdale, your application will either be submitted to your preferred school or us regardless of which borough you live in. If you want to apply for any of these schools, you should apply to the school directly:

  • Bamford Academy
  • Deeplish Primary Academy
  • Holy Family Roman Catholic Primary School
  • Kentmere Primary Academy
  • Milnrow Parish Church of England Primary School
  • Moorhouse Academy
  • Oulder Hill Leadership Academy
  • Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School
  • St Andrew's Church of England Primary School
  • St James' Church of England Primary School
  • St John's Roman Catholic Primary School
  • St Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary School
  • St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School, Middleton
  • St Peter's Roman Catholic Primary School
  • St Thomas More Roman Catholic Primary School
  • St Vincent's Roman Catholic Primary School

The admission authority for the school is responsible for setting the admission arrangements, applying the oversubscription criteria to decide who can be offered a place and also defending the decision to refuse admission at an appeal. If you want to apply for any other school in the borough of Rochdale, you should apply using our online admissions system.

If you wish to apply for an independent school, you'll need to apply to the school directly for a place, so you don't need to use our online application system.

What address should I give?

Please give the home address where the child and parent (or carer) normally lives, not the address of a relative or childminder, or of a parent the child doesn't normally live with. If you have recently changed your address or have moved to the area, you must provide evidence of your new address to prove your address. This is because the number of places available in each school is limited. It may not be possible to use your new address unless you quote your actual move date. You'll also need to provide written confirmation from your estate agent or solicitor that contracts have been signed and exchanged. If you're renting a property we'll need a copy of your tenancy agreement or a recent utility bill, Council Tax bill or bank statement. This can be uploaded with your online application. If you apply using a false or intentionally misleading address and your child is offered a place, we'll withdraw the offer.

My child lives with different parents or carers for part of the week, which address should I put on the application?

If legal arrangements are in place to support these instances, we'll accept either address.

If no legal arrangements exist, the home address where child benefit is paid will be used.

Can both parents apply?

No. There should be only one application per child. If we receive more than one application, we'll only process one of them.

What if parents can't agree?

We're not able to process applications if there's a conflict between parents about which school their child should attend. Please contact us if this might be the case.

If we receive applications with different preferences from each parent or if one parent objects to the admission request, we'll contact each parent to explain that their application can't be processed until an agreement is reached.

We'll need written confirmation from each parent confirming their agreement or a court order following a parental dispute.

For in-year admissions, children are expected to remain at their current school until there is written evidence submitted by the parents about their agreed preference, or an order is made by the court.

Do I have to choose 4 preferred schools?

If your child doesn't currently have a school place, we encourage parents to give 4 preferences for schools to maximise their chances of being offered a place at a school of your preference. In-year places can only be offered where there are places available and you may find that the school to which you'd like your child to go is already full.

If your child doesn't currently have a school place within a reasonable distance and you only state one preference for your child and a place cannot be offered, we'll give your child a place at the next nearest school with spaces available.

You'll not increase your chance of obtaining a place at any school by choosing just one school. If your preferred school has places available and more applications are received than places are remaining, the school's admissions criteria will be used to work out who's offered a place.

You have the right to appeal against any choices that have been refused.

Do I need to submit any additional paperwork?

If your application is based upon a change of address, evidence of your new address should be provided to support your application. If you're applying for a school-based on faith, you should provide evidence of this such as a copy of a baptismal certificate.

In order to process your application promptly, it may be necessary to contact your child's current or previous school to gather additional information. The additional information requested can be found in the in-year additional information form which can be downloaded below.

This information will be used in order to assist with the admission process and will help identify if the Fair Access Protocol will be required to process your application. The additional information will be requested if you provide consent when completing your application.

If my child isn't old enough for school yet, where can I find information on nurseries near me?

Applications for places are dealt with by the nursery school directly.