How to apply for a school place (in-year)

Step 2: what you need to know before applying for an in-year school place

You can apply for a school place in-year at any time.

You can apply for a school place for some schools using our online application system. You'll need to contact other schools direct that have chosen to co-ordinate their own in-year school applications.

We're responsible for the admission criteria and procedures in community and voluntary controlled schools. We decide who can be allocated a school place based on the number of applications, the numbers of places available and the admissions policy. We also would represent the school at an appeal hearing.

The governing body or Academy Trust is the admission authority for the voluntary aided, foundation, academy and free schools and they are responsible for decisions relating to admissions.

Community and voluntary controlled schools

Our Community Schools Admissions Policy details the criteria to which applications are considered and which schools they apply to.

Voluntary aided, foundation or academy secondary schools

If you wish to apply for a voluntary aided, foundation or academy school, it's essential you read the admission policy and check how the school processes in-year applications before you submit your application. Some schools may require you to provide additional information to support your application.

Voluntary aided, foundation and academy secondary schools usually publish their admissions policy on their website.