How to apply for a school place (in-year)

Step 4: what happens after you apply for an in-year school place?

As soon as you've submitted your application with all the required supporting information (such as proof of address or the supplementary information form), we'll start processing your application. We look at all preferences for school places equally, regardless of whether you choose them as a first, second, third or fourth preference. Putting a school as first preference does not improve your chances of obtaining a place there.

Please remember:

  • Once we've received all the necessary information, we'll aim to process your application and notify you of the outcome within 10–15 school days.
  • If it's possible to offer your child more than 1 school place, you'll be offered the school that was ranked higher on your application.
  • For all schools where the total number of preferences received is equal to, or less than the number of places available, all applications who have expressed the school as a preference will be offered a place.
  • If the number of preferences is greater than the number of school places available, we'll offer places according to the school's admission criteria.

Foundation, voluntary aided, academies or free schools

If you've chosen a foundation, voluntary aided, academy or free school, we'll liaise with the appropriate admission authority who'll consider your application against their admission policy. They'll tell us if your child can be offered a place and we will let you know the outcome once we have received notification from each of the own admission authority schools.

Appeal a school place

If it's not possible to offer your child a place at your preferred school, you have the right to appeal this to an independent appeal panel.

Frequently asked questions

How will I find out which school my child is being offered?

When your application has been processed and a place has been offered, details of the offer will be sent to you by email. You can also log in to the online application system to view your offer. If you would prefer a letter, you can request this when making your online application.

If my nearest school is full, can I get help with travel costs?

If it's not possible to offer your child a place at any school within the statutory walking distance of your home address, you can apply for assistance with home to school transport.

The statutory walking distance is up to 2 miles for a child aged under 8 and up to 3 miles for a child aged 8 or over.

If I change address during the application process, what should I do?

If you do change address after applying, you should contact us using the details on this page. You'll need relevant proof of the new address such as a tenancy agreement or evidence that contracts have been exchanged so we can update your application.

I think I may struggle with school meals and uniform, is any help available?

All pupils in reception, year 1 and year 2 in state-funded schools in England are eligible for 'universal infant free school meals'. This includes academies, free schools, pupil referral units and alternative provision as well as maintained schools.

Beyond year 2, you may be eligible for free school meals if you are in receipt of certain benefits.

Community and voluntary controlled school waiting lists

If your child isn't offered a place at a school you've applied for in the borough of Rochdale, they can be added to that school's waiting list.

We maintain waiting lists for community and voluntary controlled schools according to the over subscription criteria. Waiting lists are held until the end of July in the school year when the application was submitted.

Waiting lists are not kept on a first come, first served basis. It's only ever possible to give an indication of your child's position on a waiting list as they're subject to change. Applications with a greater claim for priority may be placed in a higher position on the waiting list.

Please contact us using the details on this page if you no longer wish to remain on the waiting list for a particular school.

Foundation, voluntary aided schools and academy waiting lists

Foundation, voluntary aided schools and academies maintain their own waiting lists. If any vacancy becomes available, the school will confirm which child is at the top of the waiting list before offering the place.

You'll have to contact the school to find out if the school maintains a waiting list and what position your child is on that list.