Professionals working with children

Helpful tools

  • A sad child sitting on the floor alone in the dark.

    Report a child at risk

    Tell us if you're concerned that a child has suffered harm, neglect or abuse. You can also report any concerns you have about other adults who work with children.

  • A counsellor meeting a client.

    Training for childcare professionals

    Find training and resources for professionals who work with children and young people.

  • Close-up of hands working on a laptop.

    Domestic abuse resources

    View guidance, training and more for people who work with victims of domestic abuse.

Decision making

  • cartoon image of people with a giant filing system

    Policies, strategies and reviews

    We use policy and strategy documents to guide our decisions. We also use them to develop and run our services fairly and consistently.

  • Councillor's committees

    Councillors and committees

    Councillors are responsible for agreeing provision of services and how the council's money is spent.