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Foster Carer's Handbook

We created the Foster Carers Handbook as a quick reference guide. We hope it will answer some of the most frequently asked questions and help you understand some of the requirements of being a foster carer. 

The handbook can never be all-encompassing, but having had feedback and consulted with foster carers, we hope the most important issues are covered.

If you need information that's not in this handbook, please contact the fostering team.

Foster Carer's Handbook

Guidance for foster carers

We've created some guidelines for foster carers on a few different topics.

Guidance for foster carers

Library for foster carers

There's also a resource library that may be of interest to carers. The library has a vast range of health-related resources including free leaflets and materials you can borrow that are useful for children of all ages.

You can contact the resource centre by:

Guides to living with another family

You can download our guides to living with another family to give to your foster children when they are first placed with you.

Living with another family guides