What is fostering?

About fostering

Fostering is a way of caring for other people's children and young people away from their family home.

Fostering can be challenging and demanding but it can also be enjoyable and extremely rewarding. A foster carer's role is to work alongside the local authority in supporting the child to achieve their full potential in a safe, secure and stable home - this can be on a respite, short-term or long-term basis.

2 young girls laughing in the rain.

Why children are taken into care

All children are different. The reasons why they need to be with foster carers can be different.

Here are some examples:

  • A child needs somewhere to go at the weekend when their parent is in hospital 
  • A short-term placement is needed for a child when their family is in difficulty
  • A permanent placement is needed, supporting the child onto independence

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