Flag raising in Rochdale borough


If you're requesting on behalf of an organisation, you can also request a flag raising ceremony at Number One Riverside.

You cannot have a flag raising ceremony at any other location in the borough.

A flag raising ceremony allows you to invite guests to watch and celebrate as the flag of your choice is raised. It's an opportunity to speak about your cause and tell your guests why you're flying the flag and why it's important to your organisation.

Our flag raising ceremonies take place outside Number One Riverside and they usually take around 15 minutes.


At all flag raising ceremonies, the mayor must attend and speak first and will open with some words of welcome, followed by a script provided by you or your organisation.

The mayor's speech will end with the formal raising of the flag. This can be accompanied by music if you'd like but we're not able to supply any equipment.

Following the raising of the flag, you can choose a maximum of 2 people to speak. Any speeches must follow our official order of priority:

  1. Mayor of Rochdale - find details of the current mayor of Rochdale
  2. Member of Parliament - find names and contact details of your member of parliament
  3. Leader of Rochdale Borough Council - find details of the current leader of the council
  4. Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhoods, Community and Culture - find details of the current portfolio holder
  5. Other councillors - access details of all Rochdale borough councillors
  6. Member of your organisation

Invite the Mayor

If your request for a ceremony is approved, you'll then need to invite the mayor yourself using our invitation form.