Flag raising in Rochdale borough

Requests we will and won't approve

Our chief executive will use the following information when approving flag raising requests.

We're likely to approve requests that:

  • Recognise a national holiday or a country's independence day.
  • Celebrate art, community or cultural events.
  • Aim to raise awareness for charities and other community organisations.
  • Honour organisations, people or countries for a special achievement.

We won't approve requests:

  • On behalf of a political party or political organisation.
  • For a flag which we believe promotes hatred, violence or racism.
  • That will break the law.
  • For a flag that promotes a private, for-profit company.

Guidance on flag raising

For more information about the flags we can and can't raise, read our flag raising guidance.

It includes information about:

  • Standard conditions flags need to meet before we can raise them
  • Our procedure for flying a flag
  • The flags we raise on special dates
  • When we raise flags at half-mast

Flag raising guidance