Register office weddings and civil partnerships

Book your ceremony

If you're planning on getting married or entering into a civil partnership at Rochdale Register Office there are various options we offer to enable you to have the sort of ceremony you wish. This ranges from a simple ceremony with 2 witnesses to the inclusion of bridesmaids and being escorted into the ceremonies room with music playing and guests doing readings of your choice.

Please remember that any music or readings shouldn't have any religious connection. Contact us to discuss any other enhancements to the legal part of the ceremony including incorporating cultural or special requirements. If you're planning to enhance your ceremony in any way please contact us to discuss it before the ceremony.

Please ensure you've paid the ceremony fee and have chosen your vows prior to the day of the ceremony.

Provisionally book a registrar for your ceremony

How much a Rochdale Register Office ceremony costs

Having your ceremony at the Red Rose Suite at Rochdale Register Office costs:

  • Monday at 9.45am or 10.30am: £57 (this is a standard ceremony for the couple and their 2 witnesses only)
  • Monday-Thursday: £140 plus £37 non-refundable booking fee
  • Friday: £170 plus £37 non-refundable booking fee
  • Saturday: £211 plus £37 non-refundable booking fee

Times you can book a ceremony

You can book a ceremony at Rochdale Register Office at the following times.

  • Monday-Friday: 9.45am–11.15am and 2pm–3.30pm
  • Saturday: 11.30am–3.45pm

A couple getting married in the Red Rose Suite at Number One Riverside.