Community Champions

About the champion service

The Community Champion project aims to make life better for people. Usually, this means working cooperatively with others. 

The service is delivered by Living Well, part of the Big Life Group, on our behalf.

  • Community Champions work alongside services to provide support to the people. They are not constrained by targets or budgets so they can get on with helping people. 
  • We find new champions, provide support and match them up with people who need their help.
  • The team coordinate the service and sort resources including training, finding rooms and making sure that champions' expenses are covered.
  • The champions lead the project. They decide what they will do, how and where and they ask for changes to be made to enable them to do that. The team then make the arrangements, usually in partnership with other services.
  • Champions meet regularly with each other and with partners and also keep in touch with each other in their neighbourhoods.
  • The champions do not replace any service that should already be available.

Who the champions are

Community Champions are people from across Rochdale borough who make a positive difference by helping others.

They are real people of all ages and backgrounds who have the time, commitment and skills to offer support.

Some have professional backgrounds and use those skills as a volunteer. Others are 'experts by experience' or have developed their skills through training.