Salt bins

Filling salt bins

We fill the salt bins at the start of the winter season, then:

  • We monitor how much salt is used from the bin and top it up when necessary.
  • During periods of high demand, we refill them once a week.
  • If we need to preserve stocks, we may have to reduce the frequency of refilling the salt bins.

Ask us to fill a salt bin

Follow the link below to submit a salt bin request using our online form.

You'll need the supply number of the salt bin. You can find this on the metal plate attached to the bin.     

Submit a salt bin report or request

Type of salt we use to fill the bins

We fill the bins with the same rock salt we use to treat roads and pedestrian areas. This is because the salt in the salt bins should be used on public roads and pedestrian areas.

There may be occasions when we have to restrict salt usage. In these circumstances, we may mix the rock salt in the salt bins with grit sand or even use white salt with grit sand.

This helps us to preserve salt supplies but also has the added benefit that it can help make the surface less slippery - especially if it's icy or hard-packed snow.