Gritting routes and salt updates

About gritting routes

Our gritting service runs from October to April.

Our gritters are on standby 24 hours a day during this time. This includes Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

Help us grit your road

Please try to avoid double parking during gritting times. You can keep up to date with when we grit by following #RochdaleGrit on social media platform X.

We ask you to do this because we can struggle to grit a few roads, including Norton Rose and Barn Meadows, due to the width of the gritter and double parking.

Gritting routes

We've 3 planned gritting routes. Each route normally takes 4 hours and covers 197 miles of road.

  • Priority route: top priority roads, includes main roads, major bus routes and streets with access to hospitals and schools. We aim to treat this route within 1 hour of a cold-weather forecast.
  • Standard route: second most important roads, including main roads through housing estates and minor bus routes. We'll treat this route during normal winter conditions after the priority route has been treated.
  • High roads route: high altitude roads or roads which have sections where frost and ice regularly form.

You can see our criteria for adding roads to priority and standard routes in our Winter Service Policy.

View the roads on our priority and standard gritting routes

Salt bins

We provide many salt bins for you to use in the borough.

Salt bin details