Salt bins

Using salt bins

You can use the salt in the salt bins on the roads and pavements around your house.

You cannot use the bins on your private property, for example on your drive or in your garden.

Please remember to close the salt bin lid after you've used it. The salt is more effective if it's kept dry before being spread.

If you see any salt bin lid which has been left open, please close it to preserve the quality of the salt.

Can I report someone for using public salt on their property?

To report someone you think is misusing a salt bin:

  1. You'll need to know the exact location and the supply number of the salt bin. You can find the supply number on the metal plate attached to the bin.
  2. Email us the details in confidence to report any suspected misuse of salt bins.

Email to report salt bin misuse

Can you provide me with salt directly?

No, sorry. We have to preserve our stocks so we can maintain our critical road network, heavy footfall pavement areas and have enough to fill the borough's salt bins.

But you can: