Salt bins

About salt bins

We've installed salt bins across the borough to help you during periods of ice or snow.

There are over 500 salt bins on roads and pavements where we're not able to grit across the borough. You can download salt bin locations as a pdf.

Salt bin locations

Request a salt bin for your road

To request a bin for this winter:

  1. You'll need to submit your request between 1 April-20 September, otherwise, we'll consider your request for the following winter.
  2. Unless there's a specific reason, we won't put a salt bin on roads or pedestrian areas that are on the gritting route or already have a salt bin. You can view salt bin locations in the section above.
  3. Follow the link below to submit a request using our online form.
  4. We'll assess your request using our approved needs-based criteria. Councillors will then make the final decision on approving a salt bin request.

Submit a salt bin report or request