Charitable trusts and educational grants

Rochdale United Charities grant

Rochdale United Charities gives grants to help:

  • Relieve sudden distress, sickness or infirmity
  • Towards the cost of domestic appliances
  • Arrange a restful holiday
  • Pay for medical aids and equipment
  • Pay for a phone, television or radio for the lonely, bedridden or housebound


You must live in the Ancient Parish of Rochdale to apply.

The Ancient Parish of Rochdale includes Rochdale, Wardle, Littleborough, Milnrow, Whitworth, Todmorden, Saddleworth, Newhey and Bacup.


The Trustees cannot give money directly in relief of rates, taxes or other public funds, but may give money in supplementing relief or assistance provided out of public funds.

The Trustees cannot commit themselves to renew the relief granted on any occasion in any case.

Before making grants, the Trustees have to satisfy themselves that relief is not already available from a statutory source.


Please complete and return the application form to apply for a grant from the Rochdale United Charities.

Rochdale United Charities grant application form


For more information 01457 876665