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Rochdale Fund for Relief in Sickness

The Rochdale Fund for Relief in Sickness can help if you're experiencing financial hardship caused by sickness, injury, disability or infirmity.

This includes both physical and mental sickness, or deprivation of a nature likely to impair physical or mental health.

Grants are available for:

  • Medical equipment for hospitals
  • Equipment for special schools
  • Help for individuals by the provision of aids for daily living. For example, wheelchairs, hoists, IT equipment, adaptations to homes, special leisure equipment, and medical aids.
  • Help to pay for washing machines, cookers, clothing, beds or bedding for those with illness in the family.
  • Respite in the form of holidays or outings, nursing aid or comfort, help for close relatives to visit to care for patients
  • Other items, services and facilities at the discretion of the Trustees.


To apply, you must:

  • Live in the borough of Rochdale.
  • Get a supporting letter from a recognised body such as social services, a health visitor, a doctor or other appropriate authority.


The Fund cannot help with:​​

  • Payment of debts, including utility bills, Council Tax and Inland revenue payments
  • Hardship not directly related to, or caused as a result of, sickness
  • National charities - unless you're able to supply names of the individuals you're helping in Rochdale borough


Please complete and return the application form to apply for the Rochdale Fund for Relief in Sickness.

Rochdale Fund for Relief in Sickness application form


For more information, contact The Rochdale Fund for Relief in Sickness.