How to become a foster carer

Step 5 - go to panel

Your assessing social worker will write a report, outlining your skills and any areas where you need more training or support. You'll be able to see this report and add your own comments before it's submitted to the panel.

A fostering panel is a group of professional people, some of them independent from us, who carefully read your assessment and then invite you and your assessing social worker to attend a panel meeting together. You might be asked a few questions. You should also find out on the day whether the panel intends to make a recommendation of approval to the Agency Decision Maker who's a senior member of our fostering staff.

The Agency Decision Maker will consider all the information and the panel's recommendation and make a decision about approval. You'll be informed of this decision by phone within 2 days and it will be confirmed to you in writing within 7 days.