Council departments

Leadership structure

The various departments of the council are divided into directorates. Each director has responsibilities for overseeing a cluster of areas.

Chief executive

The chief executive is Steve Rumbelow.

The chief executive has 6 directors that report directly to him. Each director has a number of senior officers that report to them.

Children's Services directorate

  • Director of Children's Services: Sharon Hubber
  • Assistant Director of Children's Social Care: Julia Hassall
  • Assistant Director of Early Help and Schools: Steve Kay

Economy directorate

  • Director of Economy: Mark Robinson
  • Acting Assistant Director of Economy: Paul Moore
  • Managing Director, Rochdale Development Agency: Levi Rickell

Neighbourhoods directorate

  • Director of Neighbourhoods: Mark Widdup
  • Assistant Director of Place: Donna Bowler
  • Assistant Director of Information, Customers and Communities: John Rooney

Public Health

  • Director of Public Health: Kuiama Thompson
  • Assistant Director of Public Health: Lianne Davies
  • Assistant Director of Public Health: Anthony Threlfall

Resources directorate

  • Director of Resources: Neil Thornton
  • Chief Finance Officer: Julie Murphy
  • Assistant Director of Legal, Governance and Workforce: Susan Hedges
  • Assistant Director of Workforce and Organisational Management: Rosemary Barker

Strategic Commissioning (Adult Social Care)

  • Interim Director of Adult Social Services: Martin Lawton
  • Interim Director of Integration and Transformation: Sandra Croasdale
  • Interim Locality Director of Strategic Performance and Deputy Place Lead: Jonathan Evans
  • Interim Assistant Director Operations: Jane Myers
  • Strategic Operations Lead: Jane Myers
  • Assistant Director of Adult Social Care Operations: Martin Lawton
  • Assistant Director of Commissioning, Adult Social Care and Prevention: Hayley Ashall
  • Associate Director of Quality and Safeguarding: Alison Kelly

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