Council departments

Economy and Place Directorate



Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson - Director of Economy and Place.

The director has strategic responsibility for a range of services promoting economic growth and prosperity, place-making, and physical regeneration, including Town Centres and attracting investment and business growth into the borough. The postholder also acts as the Chief Executive for Rochdale Development Agency.

Responsibilities include:

  • Create high-quality jobs and opportunities for all residents
  • Attract inward investment and support business growth
  • Create high-quality, sustainable and healthy places
  • Create vibrant town centres.
  • Make the most of our natural and historic environment and cultural assets
  • Provide an effective and efficient portfolio of council assets
  • Maximise income for the council
  • Capitalise on funding opportunities to support economic growth
  • Promote strong and effective multi-agency partnerships that deliver high quality services
  • Lead key and critical infrastructure projects with a strategic impact across the borough

Assistant Director

Paul Moore - Assistant Director, Economy.

Responsibilities include:

  • Estates and assets
  • Planning
  • Building control
  • Transport strategy and projects
  • Rochdale Development Agency (client)

Assistant Director

Donna Bowler - Assistant Director, Place.

Responsibilities include:

  • Highways, including street lighting
  • Environmental management
  • Property services
  • Facilities management
  • Rochdale Town Hall
  • Strategic housing