Tackling climate change in Rochdale borough

What we've done

The climate change work we've done so far includes: 

  • Declared a climate emergency.
  • Drafted a strategy and started work on an action plan to set out what actions we'll take and when.
  • Created the Climate Emergency Working Group to lead and make decisions about climate change.
  • Installed electric car charging spaces for public use.
  • Installed 2 solar-powered smart bins at Hollingworth Lake. The bins use a sensor to measure the amount of waste inside then squash the waste to around 70% less volume. This allows more room and fewer empties than standard bins.
  • In 2021/22 we undertook an electric scooter trial.
  • Secured funding and approval to build a solar farm on land near Heywood.
  • Applied for funding to de-carbonise heat and improve energy efficiency in public buildings, leisure centres and schools.
  • Received a grant to improve wall insulation in 80 properties in the borough.
  • Created a green fleet of council vehicles by buying 12 fully electric vans to replace diesel vans.
  • Put into place several environment strategies and plans.
  • Worked with other councils in Greater Manchester to develop a joint Clean Air Plan.
  • Followed guidance and actions set out in the Greater Manchester 5-Year Environment Plan.
  • Identified the transformation needed across the borough to accelerate towards Greater Manchester's carbon-neutral goal in our Local Area Energy Plan (LAEP).

Clean Air Day videos

Watch our Clean Air Day videos to hear about what we've been doing to tackle climate change in the borough and why it's so important.