Clean Air Plan

Clean Air Plan

We're working to create a Clean Air Plan for Greater Manchester together with the 9 other local authorities in Greater Manchester, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM). GMCA aim to introduce the Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan by 2021.

What does a Clean Air Plan mean for Rochdale borough?

If a Clean Air Plan is introduced:

  • Vans, buses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles, minibuses and heavy goods vehicles that do not meet certain emissions standards will have to pay a daily charge to drive in the zone. Private cars, motorbikes and mopeds are not included.
  • The zone would operate 24/7 and follow as closely as possible the administrative boundary of Greater Manchester, which includes Rochdale borough.
  • It includes local roads but not motorways, or major trunk roads, which Highways England is responsible for.

You can view the full Clean Air Plan including a boundary map, proposed charges and more on the Clean Air Greater Manchester website.

Why do we need a Clean Air Plan?

We need a Clean Air Plan in Greater Manchester because:

  • A report published in October 2018 shows parts of Greater Manchester have higher levels of air pollution than we previously thought.
  • A report predicts 152 stretches of road in Greater Manchester will still be in breach of legal limits for concentrations of harmful nitrogen dioxide in 2020 and beyond unless action is taken. This includes 7 roads in Rochdale borough.
  • Poor air quality is linked to a wide range of serious health problems and reduced life expectancy.
  • Pollutants contribute to 1,200 deaths a year in Greater Manchester alone.

What can I do to improve air quality?

Take a look at some ideas of changes you can make to your travel habits to help reduce air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions on the Transport for Greater Manchester website.

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