Help for armed forces personnel and their families

Benefits and money help

You can get advice and help with money from the following organisations.

  • Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support - War Disablement Pension, War Widow’s Pension or War Widower’s Pension will not be taken into account when calculating income for Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support.
  • Armed Forces Council Tax discount - members of the armed forces may be eligible for a Council Tax discount.
  • Discretionary Crisis Fund - a fund aimed at helping people who find themselves in a crisis. If you're leaving or have just left the armed forces, and are moving into new accommodation then the fund may be able to help you acquire essential household items.
  • The Royal British Legion - offers a range of financial assistance services, including benefits and money advice, grants and loans. If you have a compensation claim arising from your Service, the Legion can help you through the process under the War Pensions Scheme or the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.
  • The MOD Army - provides details about cash grants available to dependents of soldiers who die in service.
  • The Royal Navy - provides guidelines for serving personnel arranging a marriage or who are pregnant and information about making a will. They also advise serving personnel which organisations to speak to about a range of financial and legal issues including debts and free legal advice for serving people and their families.
  • Armed forces pensions on GOV.UK - provides a full range of information for people injured, disabled or bereaved by the service, including details of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, War Disablement Pensions and Armed Forces Pensions.
  • Service Personnel and Veterans Agency pensions forms - use these forms when claiming pensions under Armed Forces Pension Schemes 75 and 05. 
  • The Army Families Federation (AFF) - independent of the Army, the AFF offers confidential advice on a range of welfare issues including money matters and family life. AFF works at a local level directly with families and local command.
  • Money, debt and benefit advice - ways to manage and save your money.