Help for armed forces personnel and their families

Guaranteed interview scheme

Councillors have agreed to implement a proposal to guarantee an interview for ex-armed forces personnel applicants where they meet certain qualifying criteria.

This proposal aims to deliver the council's commitment to further the 'Armed Forces Community Covenant' to ensure that ex-armed forces personnel are not disadvantaged as a result of their service.

Applying for a council job

If you've left the Armed Forces and apply for a job at the council, you'll be guaranteed an interview if you meet the following conditions:

  • The Armed Forces was your last long term employer.
  • You can demonstrate you've been job seeking for at least 6 months since leaving the armed forces.
  • A maximum of 2 years (24 months) has elapsed since you left the armed forces.
  • You meet the essential criteria for the job.

When applying for a council post, please ensure you read the 'Person Specification' for the post carefully and remember you must include in your application enough information to show how you meet the criteria. You should include examples to show how you meet these criteria. 

Examples may be things you have done in your paid or voluntary work, home life and also the transitional skills you will have from your time in the armed forces.

If your application didn't meet either the armed forces criteria or the essential criteria on the person specification, we'll send you a letter to inform you that you're not guaranteed an interview under the scheme.

Search and apply for a job at the council

Military Mark's new role

Former Corporal Mark Coulthard from Castleton was the first person to get a new job through our guaranteed interview scheme.

He said:

"Getting an interview and the chance to present yourself face to face, rather than just on an application form, can be difficult. It has been tough being unemployed for the last year, so this is a great opportunity that I am very excited about. The skills I developed in the Armed Forces will be useful in the role which will involve helping vulnerable people access vital support when they need it most. In many ways it’s my ideal job, I like to help people and want to make a difference."