Free school meals

Apply for free school meals

To apply for free school meals:

  1. You and your child must both live in the borough of Rochdale or the city of Manchester. If you're claiming from an address in the city of Manchester, your child must attend a school in the borough of Rochdale. If you and your child live in any other borough regardless of where they go to school, you should contact your local council to apply instead.
  2. Complete the free school meals online application form below.
  3. If we award free school meals for a period you've already paid for, you can request a refund by contacting your school directly.

Free school meals application form

Applying again for a new school year

You don't need to re-apply for free school meals every year unless your circumstances change.

Food vouchers and Household Support

We're investing millions of pounds to help support residents and households most in need.