Contaminated land

Boo Hole landfill site - completed investigation

The former Boo Hole landfill site was designated as contaminated land in April 2009.


Boo Hole is located in Heywood between Bury New Road and Bury Old Road, situated approximately 1.5km east of the M66, junction 2.


The 1890s historical maps record a “Sand Pit” in the vicinity of the present day Boo Hole Farm in the northwest corner of the map. This sand pit was subsequently expanded up until the 1960s.

Sometime after this the site became a landfill for domestic and commercial wastes, tipping continued until the 1990s when the site was closed and landscaped.


The investigations involved:

  • A record search over the type of wastes that went into the site
  • Installing boreholes so the ground gases could be monitored
  • Taking soil samples to analyse for contamination
  • Risk assessments to assess the level of risk

Our application to DEFRA for funding to undertake the remediation works at Boo Hole was successful and the works have now been completed. 

A monitoring period has been completed that has demonstrated the barrier is working as expected.


The investigation concluded there was no risk to site users.

Although there was evidence of gas migrating from the site, investigations did not identify the presence of gas inside properties bordering the site where monitoring had been undertaken.


This is a list of all the reports completed for the investigation of Boo Hole landfill site.

  • Gas Assessment Letter Reports. Done by Mouchel in Februaray and April 2009.
  • Bulk Gas Sampling Letter Report. Done by Mouchel in October 2008. Reference 721495/06/01.
  • Detailed Inspection Interpretative Environmental Report. Done by Mouchel in February 2008. Reference 721495/R/2A.
  • Ground Investigation Factual Report. Done by Mouchel in December 2007. Reference 721495/06/01.
  • Landfill Gas Assessment Report. Done by Greater Manchester Geological Unit in December 2005. Reference 4992.
  • Geoenvironmental Investigation Report. Done by Leyden Kirby Associates in January 2005. Reference CL-602-JB186-01.
  • Remediation Options Appraisal Report. Done by Rochdale Environmental Proection Group in August 2009.
  • Geophysics and Topographic Survey letter, report and plan. Done by Dentham Geoconsulting and Powers Tilman in January 2010. Reference BGC33. 
  • Remediation Proposals Report. Done by Vertase FL1 in January 2010. Reference Rev A 2606. 
  • Remediation Method Statement Report. Done by Vertase FL1 in June 2010. Reference Rev A 1131. 
  • Completion Report. Done by Vertase FL1 in June 2011. Reference Rev 1131.